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THE BOOKS (All my books are also in KU)

Dukes kindle.jpg
Duke's Redemption
She just may be the missing piece that can save my soul.

When Avery Mathis moves to town to fix up the old house her father left her, I never expected she would hire me to be the handyman. After twenty years as a Navy SEAL, my resume didn’t exactly scream “perfect candidate for the job”. But she gave it to me anyway, and I’m quickly learning that she’s more than just my gorgeous boss.

She’s goofy and rambles on about the most random stuff, but I find it oddly charming and can’t seem to get enough. Even though I know I should stay away from her and keep our relationship professional, she seems to be the only thing that calms my troubled soul. I smile more when I’m around her and long for her when I’m not.

She’s quickly becoming my peace, something I wasn’t sure I’d ever find again.

And when trouble comes knocking, regarding her mysterious father, I know that I’ll do anything to protect her.

**Duke's Redemption is a steamy, grumpy-sunshine novel that will give you all the feels and keep you on the edge of your seat.**

Dukes kindle (2).jpg
Tanner's Forever
Erin: Nope. No. Absolutely not. That’s what I keep telling myself because there’s no way that the hot, tattooed Tanner who is eight years my junior is into me. I’m a mom of three. I have more baggage than an airport and enough junk in my trunk to match. Yet this guy shows up to tell me how amazing he thinks I am. That’s crazy, right? I should walk away. But that’s easier said than done. Did I mention he has a pierced tongue?

Tanner: From the moment I saw her singing karaoke, I knew I had to get to know Erin. But I never figured she’d agree to a no-strings-attached weekend together. The problem is that I don’t want it to be no-strings-attached because the more I get to know her, the more I like her. It doesn’t bother me that she has kids or a crazy ex-husband. All I care about is showing her how wonderful she is. After her awful marriage, she deserves that. And if she can bring down her walls enough to let me in, I vow to show her that every single day.

**All of the Samson Boys books can be read as standalones**

Devon's Deal kindle.jpg
Devon's Deal

How to win a bet against your best friend’s fiancé:

Step 1: Find a girlfriend to take to your best friend’s wedding.

Step 2: When you fail at the previous step, decide to get a fake girlfriend.

Step 3: Make a deal with the local goth bartender to be your date for a week in exchange for doing manual labor around her house.

Step 4: Do your best to avoid your ex at this wedding.

Step 5: Try to keep your hands to yourself and off of your gorgeous date.

Step 6: When you fail at the previous step (again), try not to notice how awesome your date is.

Step 7: Try not to fall in love with her.

Aces Wild.jpg
Aces Wild 
Some rules are made to be broken...
Alexander Rockford is used to getting his way. He's built his empire, and now, he wants to rule it without any input from anyone. He plays by his own rules, and he likes women who follow them. Nothing can get inside his head...until Tess Wendell walks in.
When he meets the sexy doctor who doesn't like to play by any rules, he tries his best to stay away. But his heart has other plans.
Can Alexander get over all of his emotional baggage and stubborn ways to be the man he knows Tess deserves? Or should he walk away before he destroys her too?

All the Right Things 
Sometimes, a tragic ending makes for a beautiful new beginning.

Andi- For ten years, I was married to my best friend. It wasn’t the most exciting of marriages, but it was safe and secure. After growing up in the foster care system, that was essential. After my husband’s sudden death, my world turns upside down as I’m left to deal with all the skeletons in his closet. Desperate for a new beginning, I find myself in small-town Tennessee, on a ranch owned by the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He instantly makes me feel things I’ve never felt before, and I find myself questioning if everything I thought I knew about love has been a lie. If I thought my world had been jolted before, this man might just be the one to shatter it.

Jonas – Being a cattle rancher has always been what I love about this small-town way of life. I like the routine of it all. So when Andi, the city-slicker from California, moves into my rental, I feel the winds of change. She’s more than just a breath of fresh air. She’s a full-blown hurricane that I find myself being pulled into. Unfortunately, the storm raging inside her has her walls up around her heart. Little does she know that even though my hands might be rough, my heart is soft and ready to show her what real love feels like.

***This is a STEAMY small-town romance. Please note that there are some adult themes/language throughout****

All the Right Reasons.jpg
All the Right Reasons


Most people think of me as the town screw-up. They’re not wrong. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit. My biggest mistake of all? Letting go of the most important person in my life. Tracy was my first best friend, my first love— my first everything. After a falling out, I left her and our small town behind, never looking back. But when the big city chewed me up and spit me out, I ran home with my tail tucked between my legs. Now that I’m back, I realize just how stupid I was for letting her go.


Seven years. It’s been seven years since I’ve spoken to Jessie. Seven years since I’ve let myself think about him. To do so would be a fall into a downward spiral that I can’t allow myself to plummet into. Again. I finally have my life on track, running my own business, and taking care of the most important thing— me. That is until he blows back into town like a forbidden gust of wind that takes my breath away and reignites the sparks I’ve tried to smolder for so long.

Distance was what I thought I needed to heal from the heartbreak he caused, but now that he’s back, I can’t think straight. Do I listen to my heart and give him another chance, or do I listen to my gut and run like hell to avoid another heartache?

All the Right Reasons is a steamy, small town, second chance romance. Grady Romances are all able to be read as standalone books, but you will get more from reading them in order.

All the Right Rc.jpg
All the Right Choices
I never thought that starting over would land me in small town America— namely, Grady, Tennessee. But if it worked its magic on my sister, surely it could work for me too. The eye candy isn’t bad to look at either. Jared Mitchell is a single dad, owns his own construction business, and seems interested in everything but me. His daughter loves me so why is it so hard for him to let his guard down?

The big city has never been for me. My daughter’s mom yearned for it, and look how awful that turned out. So when a new girl shows up to live at my brother’s ranch, I try to steer clear and keep my distance. She has big city written all over her, as well as other things I try to pretend that I don’t see. Like how charming and quick-witted she is, or the unlikely bond that I see forming between her and my daughter. I know that I should stay away but something about her is so hypnotizing that I fear I might fall down the rabbit hole. Again.

All the Right Moves.jpg
All the Right Moves
Jenna-A month ago, I had it all. I was living the dream, playing college volleyball on my way to the pros. But when I got injured, all of my future plans faded into dust. So, instead of living the dream, I now live in my brother's guest house, back in my hometown. To top it all off, Shane, the sexy guy I went to high school with, sees me naked. But in the dark clouds that seem to follow me around lately, Shane quickly becomes their silver lining.

Shane- I'm a simple man. I like my small town and my blue-collar job. I've never yearned for more. But when Jenna Mitchell, my high school crush, starts living on the ranch I'm working on, it doesn't take me long to realize that I want it all...with her. But with Jenna's larger-than-life personality and dreams, I only hope I can be enough for her.

All the Right Moments kindle.jpg
All the Right Moments
Annie – My entire life has been spent taking care of other people—an absent husband, our four kids, and a gaggle of grandkids. I love my life, but I’ve always been so worried about everyone else that I’d forgotten what it feels like to actually be happy. When an unexpected snowstorm hits and leaves me stranded in a cabin with my high school boyfriend, I finally start to remember. All these years later, Abe is still strong and sweet…and did I mention sexy? The real question is how do I mix my newfound happiness with my already-established life?

Abe – Annie Mitchell…the girl who got away. We were crazy about each other back in the day, and then, we went our separate ways to have our own happily ever afters. Unfortunately, neither one of us got a fairytale ending, but after getting stuck in a cabin together, I think maybe this is our second chance. One more chance is all I need because I’ll do whatever I can to not let her go again

**All the Right Moments is a later-in-life, second-chance, small-town novella. It is the fifth in the series. Each book can be read as a standalone

All the Right Ideas.jpg
All the Right Ideas
Luke: After my parents died when I was eighteen, I found that running from my problems was easier than dealing with my feelings— even if it was as drastic as moving across the country. After a while, I realize that the loneliness doesn’t cut it for me anymore, and I end up back in small-town, Tennessee, trying to find my roots. Instead, I find a cute, feisty caterer that I can’t stop thinking about after she covers me in cupcakes. Literally. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about Nicole and that scares me because suddenly I realize that I’d do absolutely anything in the world to keep her in mine.

Nicole: I’ve never been one to do what is expected of me. Like conforming to my mother’s beliefs that I should act a certain way, settle down, get married, and start having babies. It’s not that I’m against the idea— it’s just not for me. Or at least I didn’t think it was until a hot, new stranger comes to town and practically sweeps me off of my feet. Suddenly, settling down doesn’t sound so bad. Just when I think this could be my happily ever after, one knock on the door changes absolutely everything.

***All the Right Ideas is a steamy small-town romance. It is book six in the series but can be read as a complete standalone***

all the Right Memories.jpg
All the Right Memories
Taylor – Five years ago, the love of my life walked out, leaving me with nothing more than a crappy note. No explanation. No apology. Nothing. There are a lot of things in my life I should’ve done, like going after her. But I didn’t. And I refuse to live my life in the past, obsessed over someone who could so easily walk away from me.
Things are going great for me, and there are plenty of girls in town who are willing to give me the non-committal fun I’m looking for. But when Lexi shows up in town, everything around me comes crashing down when I realize just how much I’ve missed her. All of the anger and resentment I’ve been holding onto quickly dissipates the moment I’m around her, and now, I want nothing more than to prove to her that we belong together. If she would only stop holding me at arm’s length…

Lexi – When I left Grady five years ago, I never planned on coming back. I wrote a quick note and fled, carrying my shattered heart with me. I forced myself to start over in Chicago, far away from Grady and everything I was trying to leave behind.
But when I find out that my dad needs help after having open-heart surgery, I have no choice but to return to the place I so desperately wanted to leave behind. As soon as I’m back, it doesn’t take long for me to come face to face with Taylor. Suddenly, all of those feelings are rising up again, making me feel things I’ve tried to ignore. But there was a reason I left five years ago—a reason I never told him.
And deep down, I want to let him in again. But with this secret looming over us, I worry how he will react when he finds out the truth. Could he still love me?

***All the Right Memories is a steamy small-town romance. It's 7th in a series but can be read as a standalone***
Beauty and the Boss Man.jpg
Beauty and the Boss Man
Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
That’s what my life has become when I’m not freezing my butt off in the bitter cold of Minnesota in the winter.
When I’m offered a week-long trip to Key West, I jump at the chance. The fact that it’s a work trip with my grumpy boss doesn’t detour me.
They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but they should really warn that what happens in Key West doesn’t stay there. Not when I discover that Mr. Grumpy is really Mr. Sweet…and Mr. Sexy.
So, what happens when you mix two coworkers with unlimited frozen drinks and temperatures almost as the chemistry between them?
I’m about to find out.

seen kindle.jpg
Seeing Red
Emily: It’s been years since I’ve been with a man. Having a little girl can put a huge cramp in your love life. Truth be told, I didn’t really even seem to notice…until he walked in. That’s when everything changed.

Andrew: Ever since my time in the military, I have been a loner. I liked it that way. But when I meet a beautiful redhead who takes my breath away, I want more. But when I find out she has a daughter, it’s time to find out how much I am actually ready for.

A Constant Surprise AMAZON LARGE (1).jpg
A Constant Surprise

Tyler- I have money, a big house, and can sleep with a new girl every night of the week. So why can't I get the mousy blonde who won't give me the time of day out of my head? After one drunken night, you'd think I'd be over it. But I'm not, and she holds me arm's length. She's hiding something dark. I know it. Will she ever let down her walls enough to find out what?

Sam- When Tyler Wendell asked me to a party at his house, I have no idea why I said yes. His power and charm were usually two things I hated. So, why is he so nice to me? Would he still be so nice if he knew the truth about me? Or would he tear me down like everyone else? My heart yearns for him, yet my head tells me to run as fast as I can. Which one will win out?

A Constant Reminder OTHER SITES (1).jpg
A Constant Reminder

Sam- After my attack four years ago, I was finally starting to feel like my self again. My life was finally back on track, and did I mention I was dating the man of my dreams? But how do I have my happily-ever-after when my terrifying past comes knocking at my door?

Tyler- She’s scared. I don’t blame her. Her own personal boogeyman has come back, but no matter how much I try to help, she still holds me at arm’s length. When will she realize that I’d do anything to keep her safe? When will she realize that no matter what, I’m not going anywhere?

A Constant Love OTHER SITES (1).jpg
A Constant Love
Tyler: I love her with all my heart. She's the light of my life. I'd do anything to protect her, and I would give anything to see her smile. She's hiding something...again. Whatever it is, I'll still be standing right by her side...because I love the hurricane that is Sam Flemming...and I never minded a little rain.
Sam: For years, I've hidden. I've tried to outrun my past...but when my past shows up at my door, I realize that's not an option anymore. With the man of my dreams by my side, I realize it's time to stop running. It's time to dig my heels in to bring down a monster and fight for everything I have...even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice.

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