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Duke's Redemption

She just may be the missing piece that can save my soul.

When Avery Mathis moves to town to fix up the old house her father left her, I never expected she would hire me to be the handyman. After twenty years as a Navy SEAL, my resume didn’t exactly scream “perfect candidate for the job”. But she gave it to me anyway, and I’m quickly learning that she’s more than just my gorgeous boss.

She’s goofy and rambles on about the most random stuff, but I find it oddly charming and can’t seem to get enough. Even though I know I should stay away from her and keep our relationship professional, she seems to be the only thing that calms my troubled soul. I smile more when I’m around her and long for her when I’m not.

She’s quickly becoming my peace, something I wasn’t sure I’d ever find again.

And when trouble comes knocking, regarding her mysterious father, I know that I’ll do anything to protect her.

**Duke's Redemption is a steamy, grumpy-sunshine novel that will give you all the feels and keep you on the edge of your seat.**

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