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All the Right Memories

Taylor – Five years ago, the love of my life walked out, leaving me with nothing more than a crappy note. No explanation. No apology. Nothing. There are a lot of things in my life I should’ve done, like going after her. But I didn’t. And I refuse to live my life in the past, obsessed over someone who could so easily walk away from me.
Things are going great for me, and there are plenty of girls in town who are willing to give me the non-committal fun I’m looking for. But when Lexi shows up in town, everything around me comes crashing down when I realize just how much I’ve missed her. All of the anger and resentment I’ve been holding onto quickly dissipates the moment I’m around her, and now, I want nothing more than to prove to her that we belong together. If she would only stop holding me at arm’s length…

Lexi – When I left Grady five years ago, I never planned on coming back. I wrote a quick note and fled, carrying my shattered heart with me. I forced myself to start over in Chicago, far away from Grady and everything I was trying to leave behind.
But when I find out that my dad needs help after having open-heart surgery, I have no choice but to return to the place I so desperately wanted to leave behind. As soon as I’m back, it doesn’t take long for me to come face to face with Taylor. Suddenly, all of those feelings are rising up again, making me feel things I’ve tried to ignore. But there was a reason I left five years ago—a reason I never told him.
And deep down, I want to let him in again. But with this secret looming over us, I worry how he will react when he finds out the truth. Could he still love me?

***All the Right Memories is a steamy small-town romance. It's 7th in a series but can be read as a standalone***

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