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Oh wow, you guys...Book 2 is here! After it took me years to write Surprise, this one just seemed to flow out onto the page. Writing about Tyler and Sam in love and no longer denying their feelings was so much fun! Of course, they have some obstacles along the way, but now they are facing them as a full-blown couple. I absolutely can't wait for everyone to read about this new chapter of their story and really start to understand things about their past that made them who they are. We all know some of Sam's story about the traumatic events that took place when she was in high school, but in this one (along with Book 3), we really delve into what she was like before all of that happened.

And let me say, just because she may seem a little rough on the outside, inside she is all fire just waiting to bust out!

Book 3 is also done, and in the editing stages as well as getting its cover made, so it should hit within a few weeks.

Let me know what everything thinks of A Constant Reminder. I am so excited for you all to take this journey with these two amazing characters!


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