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Tyler- I have money, a big house, and can sleep with a new girl every night of the week. So why can't I get the mousy blonde who won't give me the time of day out of my head? After one drunken night, you'd think I'd be over it. But I'm not, and she holds me arm's length. She's hiding something dark. I know it. Will she ever let down her walls enough to find out what?

Sam- When Tyler Wendell asked me to a party at his house, I have no idea why I said yes. His power and charm were usually two things I hated. So, why is he so nice to me? Would he still be so nice if he knew the truth about me? Or would he tear me down like everyone else? My heart yearns for him, yet my head tells me to run as fast as I can. Which one will win out?

A Constant Surprise

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