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A Constant Reminder

Sam- After my attack four years ago, I was finally starting to feel like my self again. My life was finally back on track, and did I mention I was dating the man of my dreams? But how do I have my happily-ever-after when my terrifying past comes knocking at my door?

Tyler- She’s scared. I don’t blame her. Her own personal boogeyman has come back, but no matter how much I try to help, she still holds me at arm’s length. When will she realize that I’d do anything to keep her safe? When will she realize that no matter what, I’m not going anywhere?

**Note. This is Book 2 in the series. Starting with Book 1 is recommended.

"I really connected with the characters in this book. When is the 3rd book to this story. The suspense is killing me." - Amazon Customer

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