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Aces Wild

Alexander Rockford is used to getting his way. He's built his empire, and now, he wants to rule it without any input from anyone. He plays by his own rules, and he likes women who follow them. Nothing can get inside his head...until Tess Wendell walks in. When he meets the sexy doctor who doesn't like to play by any rules, he tries his best to stay away. But his heart has other plans. Can Alexander get over all of his emotional baggage and stubborn ways to be the man he knows Tess deserves? Or should he walk away before he destroys her too?

**Aces Wild is a spin-off of The Constant Series. You will see characters from the series, but it can be read as a complete standalone.**

**Available in Kindle Unlimited**

"The heat between Tess and Alexander is constant throughout the book but I loved that it wasn’t instalove. There was a great buildup between the two which felt very real and natural. I loved that we also got to see their back story about why they were the way they were and the flaws they saw in themselves. There were quite a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming that had me flipping through the pages and staying up way later than I had intended so I could finish it. Grab a copy and thank me later!" - Amazon review

"This is a steamy romantic love story about Alexander and Tess, two people destined to fall in love. Alex built an empire and is all about being the alpha male. He is stubborn and used to getting whatever he wants. Personality-wise, they are a bit too much alike to get along in the beginning. Tess is an independent woman who knows what she deserves and is not afraid to hold out for it. She does not like to play by other people’s rules. Their chemistry is irrefutable, but they must work their way through their internal baggage and hang-ups, which is something all couples must do. An enjoyable read." - Amazon review

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