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All the Right Moves

Jenna-A month ago, I had it all. I was living the dream, playing college volleyball on my way to the pros. But when I got injured, all of my future plans faded into dust. So, instead of living the dream, I now live in my brother's guest house, back in my hometown. To top it all off, Shane, the sexy guy I went to high school with, sees me naked. But in the dark clouds that seem to follow me around lately, Shane quickly becomes their silver lining.

Shane- I'm a simple man. I like my small town and my blue-collar job. I've never yearned for more. But when Jenna Mitchell, my high school crush, starts living on the ranch I'm working on, it doesn't take me long to realize that I want it all...with her. But with Jenna's larger-than-life personality and dreams, I only hope I can be enough for her.

**Each Grady Romance is a super-steamy romance that can be read as a stand-alone, although all are better when read in order**

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