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Aces Wild...the end of an era

Aces Wild is finished! And this one was entirely bittersweet for me.

It was wonderful because I got to tell the story of Tess and Alexander, two entirely imperfect people who are trying to navigate the waters of a relationship. Alexander is the first real "anti-hero" I wrote, and I swear he holds a special place in my heart. And Tess is just all fire, independence, and spunk. I loved writing them both.

Now, time for the bittersweet part. Aces Wild is the last story that will be told within the world of Tyler and Sam. When I wrote the Constant Trilogy, I knew there were a couple more stories I wanted to get out into the world...Emily and Andrew...and Tess and an unknown guy.

Now, nine months after Tyler and Sam were first put into the world, I am closing the book on their universe. Over 200,000 words and five books later, and I am done telling their stories. Done living in their world. Done revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. Done daydreaming about how they all fall in love.

I still get all weepy when I read the end of Aces, and I think a huge part of that is just because it feels like the end of an era for me.

BUT...with all of that being said, I am so excited to show you all what's next. A whole new world with all new entirely new series to fall into. More details soon to come!

And who knows? Maybe one day I will venture back into the Constant world and see if there are any more stories to be told.

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