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Get a signed paperback copy of All the Right Choices! Each book will come personalized and with some swag.


I never thought that starting over would land me in small town America— namely, Grady, Tennessee. But if it worked it’s magic on my sister, surely it could work for me too. The eye candy isn’t bad to look at either. Jared Mitchell is a single dad, owns his own construction business, and seems interested in everything but me. His daughter loves me so why is it so hard for him to let his guard down?

The big city has never been for me. My daughter’s mom yearned for it, and look how awful that turned out. So when a new girl shows up to live at my brother’s ranch, I try to steer clear and keep my distance. She has big city written all over her, as well as other things I try to pretend that I don’t see. Like how charming and quick witted she is, or the unlikely bond that I see forming between her and my daughter. I know that I should stay away but something about her is so hypnotizing that I fear I might fall down the rabbit hole. Again.

All the Right Choices

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