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Annie – My entire life has been spent taking care of other people—an absent husband, our four kids, and a gaggle of grandkids. I love my life, but I’ve always been so worried about everyone else that I’d forgotten what it feels like to actually be happy. When an unexpected snowstorm hits and leaves me stranded in a cabin with my high school boyfriend, I finally start to remember. All these years later, Abe is still strong and sweet…and did I mention sexy? The real question is how do I mix my newfound happiness with my already-established life?

Abe – Annie Mitchell…the girl who got away. We were crazy about each other back in the day, and then, we went our separate ways to have our own happily ever afters. Unfortunately, neither one of us got a fairytale ending, but after getting stuck in a cabin together, I think maybe this is our second chance. One more chance is all I need because I’ll do whatever I can to not let her go again

***This is a STEAMY small-town romance. Please note that there are some adult themes/language throughout****

All the Right Moments

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