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The trilogy is complete!

Oh my goodness, guys! Seriously, I might have to hold back tears as I write this.

The idea for Tyler and Sam came to me YEARS ago. And when I tell you, I wrote the beginning chapters of Book 1 approximately 60 times, it's not an exaggeration. I just couldn't figure out the best way to begin to tell their tale.

But once I finally sat down and just wrote it exactly how I saw it in my head, it just flowed onto the page.

Surprise took the longest just because it was the first, and it was certainly hard writing about such painful, graphic things. Reminder was fun because Tyler and Sam really began to find their footing as an actual couple. Love, however, took me by surprise. When I began writing it, I knew how it would end. I knew how I would wrap it up with a nice bow on top. What I didn't know was how the journey would unfold along the way. I wrote it, and I loved it so much that when it came back from editing, I read it again, and I just had to add more to it. I found it so hard saying goodbye to these two that I had to add just a little more to their story.

I have laughed with them. I have cried with them. They have filled my head and occupied my thoughts for years now. Sam started out as a meek, timid character, but my main goal was to have her true personality explode onto the page. I wanted her to be a force of nature, and boy, did she deliver. As for Ty...I always said when I wrote that I didn't always want to write 'the asshole'. You know the one I mean...the guy who acts like a total dick half of the book, but then you find his soft spot and end up loving him anyway? That guy? Well, I wanted Tyler to be loveable from the start. A guy who was not only sexy and smoldering, but also one who knew what love was when he felt it and wasn't afraid to fight for it. (But of course, he also still rocks in the I right?)

Thank you so much to everyone who has given Tyler and Sam a chance, and I hope that when you read it, you fell in love with them as much as I have. I would always love to hear feedback, so let me have it!

And for those of you who are sad, Ty and Sam are done, fear not because they make appearances in the next TWO books I'm working on. What can I say? I just couldn't let them go!

Thank you all again,

Now excuse me while I go breathe a sigh of relief and cry a few more tears for the end of an era....


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